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Hello and Happy Friday to you all!
An update just to let you know how we’re doing.

We are open and we are able to see emergencies and some routine treatments.
For our private and plan patients we are able to offer most treatment modalities but due to restrictions to prevent the spread of coronavirus we are prioritising urgent treatments. ...

To decrease footfall and aid social distancing we are seeing no more that 10 patients a day and operating one surgery with one clinical team only.

After yesterday’s announcement from Nicola Sturgeon We will be able to start seeing NHS patients requiring urgent care.

From the 17th of August more options will be available but again we will require to prioritise based on urgency.

So what can you expect on your next visit?

Firstly we would ask you not to come to the practice unless you have an appointment. Please phone to arrange a time to visit.

Our lovely receptionists will ask you where possible to remain in your car until we phone you and ask you to come in.

If you’re on foot please don’t attend before your appointment time and if possible we would ask you to remain outside till our reception calls you.

When you come in we have touchless alcohol hand sanitiser for you to use. If you haven’t brought a mask you’ll be handed one at the reception desk which now has a rather lovely glass window to aid social distancing.

The waiting room is operational and well ventilated but we are trying to avoid using it. Wherever we can we will take you through to the surgery.

As you know we’ve always taken cross infection control very seriously and you’ll notice we are employing a few more steps.

This includes leaving outerwear and bags outside of the surgery.

We’ll be wearing enhanced Personal Protective Equipment. To be fair we won’t look too different unless we are creating an aerosol (a procedure using water which creates a fine mist eg some fillings and some scaling treatments).

Please be patient with us- lots of subtle little changes to make sure we’re keeping every one safe while providing your dental needs.

Please phone if you have any questions.

We have a bit of a back log to catch up on and we’re already working on it.

Stay safe every one and hope to see you soon










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