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As of today 24th March we are cancelling ALL routine appointments. This is following the directions from the government, and the NHS as all other dental practices have had to do. Our priority remains keeping our patients and our team safe, and therefore restricting any unnecessary contact. 

We are however still going to be providing emergency advice and care for our patients. If you feel you have a dental emergency please call the practice on 01968 675586.

It is imperative you keep yourselves safe and healthy so please listen to the advice being provided by the authorities. 

All the best from the team at Ballantine Dental.







This evening, we received a very important email from the Chief Dental Officer of Scotland, advising us that as of tomorrow (Wednesday 18th March 2020), all dental practices across Scotland will be severely limited as to the dental procedures we are allowed to provide.

We will not be allowed to use any of our dental equipment that uses water, or creates a spray, which rules out being able to provide routine fillings, root treatments, crowns and bridges etc unless it is classed as a severe dental emergency.

We will be remaining open to provide an emergency dental service and we will also be able to continue to carry out routine dental check ups, hand scales and dentures on people who are aged under 70, not in the “at risk” age category and not showing signs of having the coronavirus.

There is no indication in the guidelines as to how long we should expect this situation to continue but we will provide you with further updates as we know more information.

We will be contacting all our patients with appointments as soon as we can, but please be aware that tomorrow will be an extremely busy day for us as we work our way through the diary to rearrange appointments.  You can call us on 01968 675586 or email us at info@ballantinedental.co.uk

We will be continuing to implement the extra health and safety measures that have been put in place by the Chief Dental Officer for Scotland and we have no choice but to follow them. We have been provided with no timescale for how long the measures are likely to remain in place.

We will have staff available at the practice during our normal opening hours but we request that you do not come into the building unless you have an appointment to prevent potential spread of the virus.

Could I please ask that you share this across the wider community, including with family and friends who may not be on Facebook, or with people who may not be registered at our dental practice, as the situation is the same across all dental practices in Scotland.

It is an extremely worrying time for not just our dental practice but for the wider dental community.  I know I speak for the whole dental community here in that we are all very grateful for the continued support, goodwill and understanding of our patients during what is proving to be an extremely challenging time.

We will keep you informed as soon as we hear any more information.















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